GLOBAL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, LLC has 2 new revolutionary technologies for the oil industry.
These technologies are environmentally friendly, have a lower CAPEX AND OPEX and are ways to help Fossil Fuels to be more environmentally friendly.

GAT’s technologies recover the oil without creating any pollutions or wastewater and then removes the sulfur that produces the pollution without using high heat or pressure. These 2 technologies are not only environmentally friendly by not creating any pollution or use of water, they also help to reduce pollution.

Besides recovering oil from downhole and oil sands, Our Liquid Catalyst℠ can help clean up oil related issues such as oil spills on land and water; the soil or water is clean to ppm and the oil can be salvaged for processing. GAT’s LC℠ helps heal the environment by allowing immediate reclamation of soil or water from hydrocarbon contamination.

GAT’s technologies also have applications in other industries such as the shingle recycling industry. Instead of shingles ending up in landfills, filling and polluting the landfill; every component of the shingle is cleaned to ppm ready to be re-used and the bitumen is salvaged also. GAT’s technologies offer great benefits without damaging the environment, all at lower CAPEX and OPEX.

Because of the uncertainty of oil due to the rhetoric and agendas to reduce or eliminate the use of Fossil Fuels that is now affecting everyone; investors and oil companies are hesitant to invest the significant money needed to bring back the oil production to where it was a short time ago when the USA was energy independent and an exporter. GAT’s technologies are needed more than ever because they are environmentally friendly with a lower CAPEX and OPEX then other technologies.

There has been a push to reduce or eliminate the use of Fossil Fuels due to emissions, yet the United States has had the largest reduction in CO2 Emissions of any country for the past century even though fossil fuels were still the main source of energy.

Currently It is not realistic to reduce or eliminate Fossil Fuels. Besides providing energy/electricity; the world is set up to use Fossil Fuels, no other energy resource can fully meet the present demands without using Fossil Fuels. It will take significant time and money, including costly hardships to individuals, to change over to all electric. Alternative/Renewable energies alone are not ready to produce enough electricity to meet the present demands nor the future demands if more electric vehicles are used without using Fossil Fuels. Additionally, Oil is used in over 6,000 products we need and use daily; not to forget the need for oil to build roads. Our nation’s security is also affected by oil.

Oil or Fossil Fuels affect every aspect of our lives from our comfort, conveniences, supplies to the prices we must pay and our quality of life. We are now witnessing firsthand and living with the hardships of what happens when the supply of oil or fossil fuels are reduced or are high priced.

It is being pushed that to save the planet we need to go all electric, use all electric vehicles, and Alternative/Renewable energies are the ways to be able to replace or reduce the use of Fossil Fuels to be GREEN. Because of recent hinderances and issues to the oil industry resulting in reduced oil production and oil prices have skyrocketed with gas hitting historic highs. These high prices are being used to justify the urgency and supposed need to move to electric vehicles. What is being forgotten is that Fossil Fuels are still making most of the electricity.

The has stated, “Although electricity is a clean and relatively safe form of energy when it is used, the generation and transmission of electricity affects the environment.” That statement means that No matter how electricity is generated or used, there are significant issues that affect the environment.

ALL energy sources have environmental issues yet only Fossil Fuels and how they are used is being ostracized and called for reduction if not eliminating its use because of its emissions. Yet, Alternative/Renewable Energies and batteries have serious long term environmental damages and health hazards that Fossil Fuels do not have. While Solar, wind, nuclear and battery are clean to generate the electricity, the materials needed for them are not environmentally friendly nor are they GREEN.  The materials needed are finite; massive amounts of land is destroyed, tremendous amounts of precious water is used and polluted with toxins, pollutants are also released into the air during the mining and processing of the needed materials; and landfills are not only being filled but toxins leach into the soil and groundwater. These are long term environmental damage issues.

Alternative/Renewable Energies and batteries have other issues also such as reliability, cost, conveniences, disposal, and ongoing replacement issues that Fossil Fuels do not have. Solar and wind are dependent upon the weather and cannot meet present demands without other energy resources, they have high maintenance, and short life before expensive replacement. There are tremendous costs to convert to electricity let alone time.

Converting to higher cost electric vehicles is a hardship to most, besides the high cost of the vehicle, there have high maintenance and lower resale value due to the battery cost. The vehicle batteries have a short life before replacement (65,000-100,000 miles before replacement) and inconveniences of recharging.  Electric vehicles take 45 min to 1 hour to recharge and longer if there are lines at the recharging stations with the issues of loss of charge in remote areas. Huge batteries will be needed for transportation and farming. Batteries are also unstable and can cause fires or explosions that cannot be put out with water. These issues not only are financial issues and inconveniences, but there are also significant long term environmental issues due to the process to get the materials needed and to dispose of them.

Alternative/Renewable Energies and batteries have ISSUES THAT FOSSIL FUELS DO NOT HAVE.

Global Advanced Technologies


  • Enhanced oil recovery for downhole and end of life wells
  • Recovery of oil from oil sands
  • Clean up of oil spills on land and water (cleaned to ppm)
  • Cleaning contaminated water and soils (cleaned to ppm)
  • Cleaning production water (cleaned to ppm)
  • Cleaning drill cuttings (cleaned to ppm)
  • Cleaning tanks, pipelines, and sludge
  • Salvaging asphalt from Shingles while cleaning components to ppm
  • Breaking emulsions
  • Cleaning fuels


  • Maritime fuel and tank market
  • Pretreatment of crude or
  • Post treatment of fuels or refined fuels
  • Blending operations


LC℠ and JDP℠ desulfurization processes

  • Does not create any pollutions
  • Does not use precious water
  • Does not use heat or pressure
  • Recycled
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX



Moving away from fossil fuels creates significant other environmental issues and costs. These issues are either being negligently overlooked or intentionally not publicly being acknowledged.  Solutions need to be ready, otherwise there will be enormous long-term damage to environment and the quality of life by moving away from fossil fuels.

Ironically, the future generations may have to deal with the environmental damages and pollutions we created due to our eagerness to save the planet for them.

While everyone wants a healthy climate, using this historic, man-made, high price of gas to justify the need to quickly convert to electricity and to go to all electric vehicles is not realistic as Fossil Fuels are needed to generate that electricity. Alternative/Renewable energies cannot meet the demands.  Going fully to electric vehicles while the infrastructure is not ready, the cost to do it, the tremendous destruction of land and water to secure the needed materials, the toxins and pollutions created and the environmental disposal issues let alone the way to produce the electricity to meet the electricity demands without using fossil fuels has not been thought through. The world is not ready to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Until the world is ready to significantly reduce the use of Fossil Fuels, we need to address all the energy resources, including Fossil Fuels, including how they are used and find solutions to the issues each has.

To meet the future demands and having ample energy supply sources while not destroying the environment, ALL energy sources, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear, Solar, Water etc.  need to be used. They all need to be equally supported and funded, with no agendas or politics to hinder or eliminate one energy source. Every energy source and its use have issues that need to be resolved to ensure future generations can enjoy the benefits that we have.

Until the above solutions are dealt with, getting rid of Fossil Fuels is years away if ever, therefore we must make Fossil Fuels and the way it is used as environmentally friendly as possible. GAT’s technologies are intended to help the oil industry keep moving forward in finding ways to reduce any pollutions from fossil fuels in a cost-effective way.

When oil prices fluctuate or in the uncertain situation we are in, it is important to have the lowest CAPEX and OPEX available and be environmentally friendly to justify the investments, GAT’s technologies are the answer.

For more information regarding GAT's revolutionary technologies, services and licensing, please contact us at [email protected]. Or +1-309-525-5000 or +1-309-648-3471 in the USA.